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Professional Visualization Services

In Interior – Architecture Design and Real Estate

About us

We are a leading 3D architectural visualization company in Vietnam, focusing on services for real estate marketing. In addition to providing high-quality 3D static images of interiors, exteriors, landscapes, and even visual identity for businesses, we also create 360-degree panoramic views as well as 3D architectural animation and walkthroughs.

Our Philosophy

First-class visualizations are a necessity for architectural designs of all levels. We want to generate every project’s design roots and specific ideas into realistic visions. When we come to a further connection with our clients, we comprehend all insights in order to deliver them the best efficiency we create.

Based on our understanding of architecture, our responsibility is to help our clients achieve their expectations and surprise them with outstanding performance in real estate and architecture projects. This is the core value that helps us to achieve certain achievements in personnel training and in-depth consulting work for customers.

Our Clients

We have earned the trust of many of our clients, including leading architectural designers and real estate developers in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

Our client base focuses mainly on real estate agents and investors. We are required to provide visualization solutions for sales needs related to real estate in general.

In addition, we also provide rendering services for professional architectural design units. They will make requirements for the work and expect us to provide visual solutions to contribute. Part of improving the persuasiveness of architectural concept designs, through which images can be used to participate in contests or bidding on design ideas.

Great Clients Make Us Better



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Visual Identity (2D & 3D)


Architecture Photography

Our Services

Our staff is trained in many programs and has learned from world-class visual studios. Every artist at BOC Studio has many skills to help them control our projects, especially large-scale projects.

Based on our architectural understanding, we can analyze and suggest the best methods for their projects to our clients. Let’s look at our workflow in static image production, which could be helpful to your requests.




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Our Work

We have many projects which always get high satisfaction from our clients. We want to help you understand our quality as much as possible. Here are some best products from our great services .


Boc Academy

Besides our studio focusing on archviz visualization services, we have been running our archviz training center, Boc Academy, which provides specific training courses on archviz visualization. Our academists are most of the students from Universities of architecture and architects. We believe archviz visualization is a very good career, and our team has been trying daily to improve and develop the archviz community in Viet Nam.

Our mission is to train and provide the best employees for architectural and visualization companies.



If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Address: Hoang Anh Giai Viet Building, 856 Ta Quang Buu St,

Ward 5, District 8, Ho Chi Minh City.

Nguyễn Thị Phương Thanh


Email :

Mobile : +84 976 734 306

Hồ Tấn Phát

Co-Founder & RnD Director 

Email :

Mobile : +84 977 977 533

Dương Thanh Nguyên

Co-Founder & Creative Director 

Email :

Mobile : +84 937 591 795