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CGI 360 Tour workflow

Requirements & Main Steps In 360 Tour Workflow

Our staff is trained in many programs and has learned from world-class visual studios. Every artist at BOC Studio has many skills to help them control our projects, especially large-scale projects. Based on our architectural understanding, we are able to analyze and suggest to our clients about best methods for their projects. Let’s take a look at our services which could be helpful to your requests.

Static 360 Images


You must specify the desired positions within your spaces that you want your customers to experience. For each 360 image, our visual artists ensure that all models are meticulously detailed, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in every aspect of the space.

Static Images For Spaces


We can also create static images from different angles that correspond to each 360 image. This will provide viewers with a comprehensive understanding of the design, ambiance, and atmosphere of the spaces depicted in the images.

To get a better understanding of how our product works, please click on the texts above to access the sample tour. Thank you.